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A Network of Neighborhood Churches

As you'll see throughout this site, the mission of Crosscurrent Church is to bring glory to God by planting churches that make disciples and seek the welfare of their city.  Over the last 10 years, Pastor Jason Roberts has led faithfully led us to fulfill this mission by intentionally supporting churches & networks that share this same mission.  However, in the fall of 2012 we will be planting our first church from within our congregation!  Crosscurrent Church | Kempsville will begin holding regular Sunday gatherings at Memorial United Methodist Church at 5pm on Sunday, September 23rd under the preaching & pastorl care of Kris Hassanpour.  You can learn more details here, but let us tell you how it all happened...

Two years ago Kris & his wife, Joanne, found Crosscurrent Church after moving to the area for Kris to attend seminary. Kris came to Virginia Beach with a clear call on his life to be a church planter, and his time in seminary was intended to further equip him in this calling.  Having resonated with Crosscurrent's affiliation with the Acts 29 Network, Kris began leading his family into deeper community & partnership with Crosscurrent Church.  Soon he became a community group leader in his neighborhood of Kempsville.  Over the next several months Jesus began growing disciples from that area of Virginia Beach, and Kris began discipling & raising up fellow Community Group leaders from within that growing core.  

It became clear to Kris and the fellow elders of Crosscurrent Church that rather than asking this core to drive across town to attend a Sunday gathering in Great Neck, Jesus was leading them to begin holding Sunday gatherings in the Kempsville area of Virginia Beach for the church that had in reality already been planted.  And that's what we did!  Jason and Kris are both lead pastors of Crosscurrent churches in Great Neck & Kempsville respectively.  Together they plan and preach through sermon series, oversee church-wide discipleship, and care for ministry teams at their churches. We have four Crosscurrent bands that spend time leading worshippers at each location (find out more here).  In general, you can expect to find many similarities at each church, most importantly a clear gospel emphasis on disciple-making and seeking the welfare of our city.

We feel Jesus is calling us to continue to pursue this vision of planting churches throughout Virginia Beach & Hampton Roads that make disciples & seek the welfare of their city.  Jesus has been more than faithful & gracious in this calling, and we're excited to follow His leadership of Crosscurrent Church.